BU experts on billionaires, Yelp, iPad, & female leadership

March 8th, 2012

Below is sampling of quotes by experts from BU’s School of Management on recent issues impacting the business world:

Gates Beats Ellison in Technology Billionaires Ranking (Bloomberg): “These people are our royalty, because we don’t have royalty. Who better to aspire to?” Paul McManus

Yelp’s howling-good first day (E-Commerce Times): “A 60-percent premium on the opening day with about 16 million shares traded is more like a day-trade frenzy. OpenTable was $118 at its peak and is now at less than $50. I admire the company for timing the IPO right — but only sustained profitability can justify lofty valuations.” N. Venkat Venkatraman

Wishing upon their iPads (Boston Globe): “People are going to want access to high-definition content, so the tablet will be more useful. If I have a 2-gigabyte presentation and I want to suddenly pull that up in the class, I have to go to Google and have to upload it. Even if that takes 90 seconds, that’s 90 seconds of dead time in the class.’’ N. Venkat Venkatraman

The myth of the unhelpful female leader (The Globe and Mail): “As women advance, they are expected to fit the male executive model. If they start prioritizing the company’s goals and strategic objectives and are stretched because they are in an increasingly senior role, they may have to put boundaries around how much they can support junior women.” Kathy Kram

U.K. Regulator Said to Quiz Banks About U.S. Swap Registration (Bloomberg): “The swaps market isn’t constrained by natural borders. For now, Dodd-Frank trumps the FSA’s standards. Banks are learning the “level of interpretation and level of enforcement” of the U.S. law. The FSA is also motivated to take an aggressive stance on a fast-growing industry such as swaps.” Mark Williams

Timeline May Eat Up Companies’ Time (E-Commerce Times): Timeline for Pages has the potential to be very powerful for brands. Marketers can track the pattern of interactions of different consumers over time. More important, I suspect is that a consumer may have a deeper and richer basis of engaging with a brand or a business. Marketers can richly demonstrate their value offering over time, and consumers may be able to see the value more readily. We may even see newer formats of advertising whereby a brand shows comparative shifts with other brands over time and uses that powerful data as the basis for consumers to shift.” N. Venkat Venkatraman

The Feminization of HR (Human Resources Executive Online): “If you are a major company and you are looking to make some progress, it’s easier to make it on the HR side than in functions like finance or IT because there are more women who are ready and available. Then, you have white males who have been preparing for the job who say, ‘This is a closed-door operation all of a sudden.’ ” Fred Foulkes

Upward Bound (Nextgov): “You don’t simply want to speed work up. You want to transform it. The real gains aren’t just about getting faster at doing the things you’ve traditionally done, but about being able to experiment with things you haven’t previously done, new processes, new ways to present data and whole new business models.” Marshall Van Alstyne

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