Limbaugh loses advertisers

March 5th, 2012

Despite his apology for harsh comments made against Georgetown Law School student Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh continues to lose advertisers for his syndicated program. Advertising professor John Verret offers the following comment:

“Because of the way the PRN/station relationship is constructed, I think this will all blow over soon. I think there will be a few sponsors who will not be able to return to the show because of consumer pressure, but the reason the show is popular is because listeners expect this kind of bombastic, outrageous content from Mr. Limbaugh.

“He has such a loyal following (including many ‘Rush haters) who think this is nothing more than the liberal press attacking their man, that this will be a bump in the road from which he will recover. Many advertisers will sneak back as long as there is a profitable reason to do so because business is business.”

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