Weekly roundup: BU experts on Joseph Kennedy III, Mitt Romney, Scott Brown

February 17th, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by BU experts on the road to power:

Your picture with Michelle Obama? That’ll be $5G (Boston Herald): “This is the political equivalent of a signed baseball. It all seems like a lie. It’s all theatrics. It’s theater.” Tom Whalen, Associate Professor os Social Sciences, College of General Studies

Joseph P. Kennedy III officially throws his hat in the ring (WGBH-FM “The Emily Rooney Show”): “The Kennedy’s are like chocolate cake. Every January you always swear off chocolate cake, but come the spring we’re all going to have it. And as a political brand, the Kennedy’s are all like that. We’ve had enough of them, we’ll never vote for them again but come November, a lot of people will.” Tom Whalen

‘Romney gets lost when he goes off prompter’ (NECN): “He can’t help himself. When he goes off the prompter, he’s lost.” John Carroll, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, College of Communication

Labels prove slippery in GOP campaign (Boston Globe): “Moderate has become synonymous with liberal now. What used to be moderate conservatives are now considered more on the liberal side. The whole political spectrum shifted to the right and dragged all the definitions with it.’’ John Carroll

Payroll tax cut: Scott Brown scores a win (Huffington Post): “He’s trying to establish his bona fides as a moderate in Massachusetts. His goal here is to win Massachusetts independents, and independents are inclined to the extension of this tax cut.” Tom Whalen

Campaign 2012: Joseph P. Kennedy III announces candidacy for Congress (Professor Voices): “I would urge caution to the Kennedy family in their bid to make themselves politically relevant once again as a dynasty.” Tom Whalen

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