Weekly roundup: Campaign 2012 newsmakers

February 3rd, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by BU experts on the race to the White House and Capitol Hill:

Liz Warren is darling of Tinseltown crowd (Boston Herald): ““I don’t think it will go over too well in Charlestown or Dorchester Ave. They couldn’t care less. If you listen to her speak, she erases that elite image — she’s got a homespun middle-class-girl story that plays very well among voters in this state.” Tom Whalen, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, College of General Studies

Campaign 2012: Newt Gingrinch going forward (Professor Voices): Tom Whalen discusses Newt Gingrich’s vow to continue on to the GOP convention

RD Sahl: Romney won across the board in Florida (NECN): R.D. Sahl, College of Communication

In Bible Belt win, Newt Gingrich’s sins were salvation (Boston Globe): “The repentant sinner fits their story more closely than some guy who has been a goody two-shoes all his life.’’ Stephen Prothero, Professor of Religion, College of Arts & Sciences

Romney Hopes For Big Win In Sunshine State (WCVB-TV): “The big question for Romney after Florida is whether conservatives will grudgingly accept Romney or if they marshall their forces to find another candidate.” Fred Bayles, Associate Professor of Journalism, College of Communication

Ron Paul’s GOP threat (PoliticoArena): “While all the political attention has been focused this past week on Mitt versus Newt in Florida, I think little attention has been given to the potential threat Ron Paul poses to the GOP this fall.” Tom Whalen

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