Weekly roundup: Campaign 2012 newsmakers

January 27th, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by BU experts on the race to the White House and Capitol Hill:

Campaign 2012: The GOP after South Carolina (Professor Voices): Analysis on the GOP following the South Carolina primary (VIDEO). Tom Whalen, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, College of General Studies

Romney’s Health Care Views Different from Obama’s, Republicans Say: Poll (International Business Times): “This administration screwed up royally on public relations. It allowed the Republicans to portray the legislation very negatively.” Graham Wilson, Chair, Department of Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences

Romney’s Health Care Views Different from Obama’s Republicans Say: Poll (International Business Times): “He’s tried to make this into a state’s rights issue. I think that’s his main argument and his main way of distancing himself” from the Affordable Care Act.” Fred Bayles, Associate Professor of Journalism, College of Communication

John Carroll: State of the Union was ‘long, fairly boring’ (NECN): John Carroll keeps score of the latest media messages from the campaigns. John Carroll, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, College of Communication

Spending by Super PACs Shows Deep Differences (OpenSecrets.org): Romney “is sort of a mainstream Republican, and I think you reach his followers best by television. Ron Paul has an energized base of younger followers. They live on the net, they live on their phones, so you want to get them where they are.” Tobe Berkovitz, Associate Professor of Advertising, College of Communication

Confident Obama struts his stuff (The Hill): “Their internal polling is probably showing that things have steadied a bit and is giving him a bit of a boost. And compare Romney, who has been staggering lately, and the rest of the GOP contenders with Obama, who is on his fifth wind, and the comparisons aren’t pretty.” Tobe Berkovitz

Remarkable comeback in South Carolina (WCVB-TV): Analysis of South Carolina primary (VIDEO). Tom Whalen

Blocking negative ads (WCVB-TV): Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown reach agreement on Super PACS (VIDEO). Tom Whalen

Obama’s target: Mitt Romney (The Hill): “Every time he says ‘wealthy few,’ it almost implies ‘investor class’ and Mitt Romney.” Tobe Berkovitz

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