Campaign 2012: Romney and capitalism

January 20th, 2012

Journalism professor Fred Bayles is director of BU’s State House Program. He is also a former AP Boston and USA Today national reporter and a long-time Massachusetts politics watcher. He offers the following comment on Mitt Romney’s path to the GOP presidential nomination:

“Romney has been winning, and will continue to win, among Republican voters who believe in the power of capitalism. His success in the business world has made him the frontrunner despite all his equivocations on social issues. But as the Republican nominee running for the all-important middle ground voters, he may be in trouble.

“His business success through financial manipulations rather than creation, his 15-percent tax rate and his own personal wealth could become the focus of an important and overdue national debate on the United States’ economic future. Romney could be portrayed as the problem – the fat cat gaming the system at the expense of others – rather than the solution.

“To a populace suffering diminished expectations and a growing income gap. Romney may come to represent what is wrong with capitalism, rather than what is right about it.”

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