Weekly roundup: Campaign 2012 newsmakers

January 13th, 2012

Below is a sampling of quotes by BU experts on the race to the White House and Capitol Hill:

John Carroll: ‘It’s brutal. It’s a total blow torching’ (NECN): Discussion of most recent TV ads. John Carroll, Assistant Professor of Mass Communication, College of Communication

Gingrich slams Romney over record on abortion (Boston Globe): “Because Romney has a reputation for being a human surround sound on the abortion issue, I think this is going to have an instant recognition by voters.” John Carroll

Activist: My ‘tactics’ same as media’s (Boston Herald): “I would say the same thing if it was a certified journalist who did it. It’s an easy hit.” Fred Bayles, Assoicate Professor of Journalism, College of Communication

New Hampshire primary coverage (WCVB-TV Ch. 5, “Chronicle”): John Carroll interviewed.

You Decide 2012: N.H. primary recap (WFXT-TV Ch. 25): Interview with Tom Whalen, Associate Professor of Social Sciences, College of General Studies

Beat the Press: Coverage of the Iowa caucus (WGBH-TV Ch. 2, “Greater Boston”): Tom Fiedler, Dean of the College of Communication, joins panel discussion.

Does Daley departure mean trouble? (PoliticoArena): “Daley was such an odd fit as chief of staff to begin with.” Tom Whalen

New Hampshire primary (WFXT-TV, Ch. 25): Tom Whalen discusses upcoming New Hampshire primary. Tom Whalen

Romney depicted as corporate raider in pro-Gingrich group film (Bloomberg): “Somebody’s got to take Romney down. Romney so far has been pretty adept at dodging the attacks during the debates. Now there just isn’t a choice for these other Republican candidates.” Tobe Berkovitz, Associate Professor of Advertising, College of Communication

Rivals hit Mitt Romney on business record (Boston Globe): Republicans would “be on to something to say that Bain Capital is the wrong kind of business and wrong kind of model if you are looking for someone to be commander in chief and to be president.” On Romney’s claim of creating 89,000 jobs at Staples: “…is silly. That is entirely inflated. The vast majority of Staples growth happened after Romney was gone…It is incumbent upon candidates telling the public that.” John Carroll

‘Moderate’ label for Mitt Romney could be a winner versus President Obama (New York Daily News):The phrase itself is not a winner. But what it stands for is somewhat appealing to independents and it may be those independents that decide the general election.” Tobe Berkovitz

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