Campaign 2012: Fred Bayles grades the GOP candidates

November 6th, 2011

Election Day is one year from today. Fred Bayles, director of the State House Program, offers his grades on the GOP presidential candidates:

Mitt Romney: A-. Mitt gets a high grade for persistence despite the fact he can’t get more than 26 percent of Republican voters to like him.

Herman Cain: C+. Welcome to presidential politics, Mr. Cain, where everyone has a record, even if they’ve never held office.

Rick Perry: Sleepy Rick: C/Happy Rick: B+. Will the real Rick Perry please step forward and say “Bring it!”

Michele Bachmann: C-. Darn those facts! Without them her sound bites would work much better.

Newt Gingrich: B. Mostly on his perfect attendance record. Keep on showing up and keep your head down.

Jon Huntsman: B. Mostly for his limited attendance record. Keep declining and keep your head down.

Rick Santorum: C for creativity. Not many politicians have thought to stake their entire campaign running against gays and the moral decline of the 1960s.

Ron Paul: C. Running against the Federal Reserve and most of the amendments to the Constitution can limit you. Just what is your stand on the Volstead Act? An extra credit A for threatening to walk out of the Romney/Perry slugfest.

Gary Johnson: A for chutzpah. C for a questionable sense of direction. Johnson’s talking points include the fact he does not attend church, is pro-choice, pro-immigration, pro-marijuana and anti-war on drugs. Didn’t he mean to register as a Democrat?

Jimmy McMillan: Pass/Fail. The publicity is too damn attractive.

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