Internal Structure

Agency Structure – Organization Chart


Structure of PRLab

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The PRLab co-presidents facilitate the overall success of the student-client interactions and PRLab as a whole. The co-presidents hold weekly meetings with the entire E-board and report directly to Prof. Shanler. One co-president (client service) oversees the agency/client relationships and work, addresses team-related issues and questions, and drives ongoing client updates, and in-class presentations. One co-president (operations) oversees agency operations, administration, marketing and new business, including social and PR for the agency.


PRLab directors assist with client service and agency operations and serve as an additional resource to account teams. The client service director ensures teams meet targets for billable hours, meetings and evaluations. This person is also responsible for the administration of the PRLab meeting room. The director of operations supports branding and new-business efforts, including social and traditional media for the lab, developing agency sales materials for prospecting, and supporting the co-president in securing future new business for PRLab. The director of integrated marketing facilitates a consistent and connected experience for clients of both PRLab and AdLab and assists the presidents with any design needs for PRLab and its clients.

Account Supervisors

Account supervisors function as liaisons between account executives and clients. Supervisors oversee the work of one to two account teams, ensuring the best thinking and strategy from the whole team. They provide editing, project tracking, and final approval on materials. Supervisors are the first contact for clients, and are required to organize initial meetings, mid-point team check-ins, and final presentation meetings. They will be involved, but should not drive day-to-day communication with the team and client. In addition, supervisors may be called on to support branding and marketing efforts for PRLab.

Account Executives

Account executives work directly with their assigned clients to fulfill their PR needs and objectives. Account executives are not interns and should not be referred to as such because they work in an agency with clients who pay a fee for PRLab’s services. Account executives must record their billable time each week, report to their account supervisor with status updates on a consistent basis, and attend weekly team meetings.

Account executives’ tasks vary depending on the clients they serve. Previously, account executives have helped plan and run events, created news releases, pitched to media, built media lists, written and produced content for websites, and initiated new-media campaigns.

Faculty Advisor

A PR professional/faculty member acts as the Board Director for the agency by providing ongoing guidance and support. The Board Director ensures overall client satisfaction, agency profitability, and brand management. The professor works with the E-board to drive the weekly all-agency meetings, and attends the weekly E-board meetings.