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PRLab Eboard

PRLab is the nation’s oldest student-run public relations agency.  Founded in 1978, the award-winning agency gives Boston University students a hands-on experience, while still delivering the benefits of learning in a classroom setting. Students work with Boston-based companies and nonprofits by applying what they’ve learned in their classes to real-world situations.

PRLab enhances students’ knowledge of the public relations agency experience and also allows them to apply their education for the betterment of local organizations. PRLab is comprised of junior, senior and graduate-level Boston University public relations students. The structure of PRLab parallels the structure of an actual public relations agency, complete with account supervisors and account executives. Supervisors oversee two or three accounts, while executives work directly with their assigned client to fulfill the company or organization’s public relations objectives.

Students enroll in PRLab for either two or four-credit students and work with their clients for seven hours or 14 hours each week, respectively. In keeping with a traditional public relations agency, students must record their “billable” time each week to their account supervisors via time sheets. By the end of the semester, students will have completed three presentations: a midterm review that summarizes their client work to date, a professional portfolio that covers work done inside and outside of PRLab and a final presentation that reviews their client work accomplished during the semester.

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