Client Testimonials


Ben & Jerry's

I think the way the students are able to take what they are learning in the class and put it right into are business, so things are very fresh and new and they bring a lot of ideas that they are learning in the classroom directly to our business. Especially around social media and new marketing initiatives that are really just starting to pop right now.
–Jason Sweeney, Site Manger of Ben & Jerry’s Boston



The account executives from the PRLab bring a team-first mentality and fantastic sense of urgency and getting the job done at certain times. Whether we have a deadline of as soon as you can do it in the next 5 minutes or later this week.
–T.K. Skenderian, Marketing & Sponsorship Manager at Boston Athletic Association


PRLab established our first-ever “Public Safety Week.” We had a whole week where we were in the GSU Link for two hours a day and we had all our services that are offered. We got the chance to display our services to the students and we had a number of officers there that got to meet our students one-on-one to see that we are approachable and that we are “normal people.” They established all kinds of posters that are “catchy” for the students to read and to learn about the services that we offer. They’ve also established our Facebook page for us.; it is kind of cool because you don’t have to love us, but at least like us. They established a Twitter account for us and they have given us some great ideas for our website to revamp because it was old and it was stale. One of the best things they have done for us, I do all the student and parent orientations, and they updated my orientation presentation to the point where the parents voted it #1 last semester. Great job for the PRLab!
–Scott Pare, Co-Deputy in Chief of BUPD


“We love working with PR Lab because the account executives are always good. They’ve helped us with a number of projects – from raising awareness for our Boston Marathon
team to increasing our profile among shoppers during Halloween. We look forward to getting new account executives every semester!”
–James Harder, Director of Communications of Morgan Memorial Goodwill Industries

HelioProThe BU PRLab has been a key partner in delivering HelioPro’s message to the marketplace. The students are engaging and creative. Their professionalism and keen understanding of the tools needed in a comprehensive public relations plan serve their clients well and give them a great platform for continued success once they enter the workforce. We feel very fortunate to be able to work with the BU PRLab.
– Nancy Woods, President of HelioPro