Nights at the PRC

This free, informally-structured program fosters a sense of community with photographers, PRC members, and students by offering an opportunity to share images and insights about particular topics in contemporary photographic practice and receive feedback about their work.

Would you like to show your work to a group of passionate photographers and enthusiasts and gather feedback? Then join us for a lively evening of conversation on rotating themes, held monthly on Wednesdays during our exhibition season, led by our guest hosts for "Nights at the PRC"! Interested audience members without work are also encouraged to participate, no reservations needed. While we do provide some food and drink, everyone is welcome to bring refreshments, too.
You must be a PRC member to present, please visit our membership page to join or renew, but the general public can attend as engaged audience members!

Sign up to present your work by emailing (
the first four people to sign up will have a chance to show their work, first come, first served) AND please include "SIGNUP FOR NIGHTS: (Month's THEME)" in the subject line of your email as well as your requested date/theme.

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Upcoming Nights at the PRC and Schedule

Wednesday, TBA, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Artist host: Dana Mueller
Theme: "Home/Land" -
sign up soon!

This Night welcomes work that engages ideas about homeland and place.  Do you explore the landscape with an interest in history and memory, remains and recollection, and home and homeland for your practice? Then consider signing up to share your work and/or attending this exciting Night held in conjunction with our current exhibition, "2017 PRC Student Exhibition."

The Night will begin with a presentation by our artist host Dana Mueller, then members will present as well; discussion and feedback will follow and are key, encouraged, and welcome. We welcome engaged audience members and while presenters must be current PRC members (more on how to sign up to present at the below link), the events are FREE & OPEN to the public; no RSVP needed for the community!

ABOUT THE HOST: Dana Mueller was born and raised in Thuringia, East Germany until the fall of the Berlin Wall. She received her MFA in Photography from the Massachusetts College of Art + Design. Mueller currently teaches at MassArt, Lesley University College of Art and Design, and Northeastern University.

For the past several years, Mueller has been photographing the German village where she grew up for her series "At the Edge of the Village." This mysterious area is where the meadows and forest meet no-mans-land as well as the former border between East and West Germany. She is interested in the inhabitants' everyday lives while addressing individual and collective identity within the context of recent German history. In another series, "The Devil's Den," Mueller explores WWII German prisoner-of-war camps across the US. At these camps, German POWs were put to work by the US military on local farms and in small industries. By the end of WWII, there were over 400,000 prisoners.

Mueller is in the final days of an Indigogo campaign for a book of her recent work in Cuba, "May Days." Shown and published nationally, Mueller has had work in exhibitions at RISD Museum of Art, St. Botolph Club, Danforth Art Museum, and the PRC.


Wednesday, April TBD, 2017
Artist host: TBD
Theme: TBA

Guidelines for Showing Work at Nights at the PRC

Nights presenters may only show work at one Nights per season in order to allow for a variety of presentations and we request that presenters work aligns with the monthly theme. Presenters may show either prints or digital files using the PRC computer and projector. Please be prepared to speak about your work/project for approximately 5-7 minutes with audience discussion and feedback afterwards. Each presenter’s time slot cannot exceed 15 minutes.
Please limit the number of images to 20.

If you are showing digital files, please bring your images or slide show on a portable flash drive, CD, or external hard drive and plan to arrive at least ten minutes early so that we have time to copy the files to our computer.
We can support the following formats:

• Loose jpgs
• PowerPoint
• Keynote

Please note: If you choose to bring your own laptop, you must provide the VGA adaptors to connect to the projector.

Credit: Renée Kristine Ricciardi shares her work at "Identity and Portraiture" Night, January 2014, hosted by Caleb Cole.  See more images from Nights in our Flickr albums:

"Thank you so much for hosting the evening---and also for the useful wrap-up.  It's one of the most interesting presentations in re photographers working at the edges that I've yet to attend, and as that, inspiring. Looking forward0 to more." --Ellen Gower

"The evening was a very rich program . . . just amazing. And, how fortunate that the PRC presents a venue for these presentations, to everyone's benefit." --David Ricketts






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