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Nights at the PRC schedule.

Nights at the PRC: Identity and Portraiture
Hosted by Caleb Cole
PRC host, Alyssa Minahan and Lydia Harris

Dec 3, 2014 6:30 - 8:00p.m.

Join us for an evening of sharing photographs and discussion around identity and portraiture.

To present sign up by emailing info@prcboston.org (please include "SIGNUP FOR NIGHTS AT THE PRC" in the subject line of your email. This event is open to all; membership is not required but always appreciated. More information here.

"Thank you so much for hosting the evening---and also for the useful wrap-up.  It's one of the most interesting presentations in re photographers working at the edges that I've yet to attend, and as that, inspiring. Looking forward0 to more." --Ellen Gower

"The evening was a very rich program . . . just amazing. And, how fortunate that the PRC presents a venue for these presentations, to everyone's benefit." --David Ricketts

All Nights at the PRC take place in our gallery at 832 Commonwealth Avenue.

These free, informally structured programs foster a sense of community with photographers, PRC members, and students by offering an opportunity to share images and insights about particular topics in contemporary photographic practice.

Would you like to show your work to a group of passionate photographers and photo enthusiasts? Sign up to present! Up to six presenter slots are available per Night. Presenters may only show work at two Nights per season in order to allow for new presenters and a variety of presentations.

Steven Keirstead shares his work at Landscape Night at the PRC, January 2012.
Photograph by Ryan McMahon.

Please contact the PRC at 617-975-0600 or info@prcboston.org to reserve a presenter slot no later than two days before the Night. Audience members without work are also encouraged to participate, no reservations needed, but must bring their curiosity and open-mindedness. Everyone is welcome to bring refreshments.

Guidelines for Showing Work at Nights at the PRC
Presenters may show either prints or digital files using the PRC computer and projector. Please be prepared to speak about your work/project for approximately 5-7 minutes with audience discussion and feedback afterwards. Each presenter’s time slot cannot exceed 15 minutes. Please limit the number of images to 20.

If you are showing digital files, please bring your images or slide show on a portable flash drive, CD, or external hard drive and plan to arrive at least ten minutes early so that we have time to copy the files to our computer.

We can support the following formats:
• Loose jpgs
• PowerPoint
• Keynote

If you choose to bring your own laptop, you must provide the VGA adaptors to connect to the projector










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