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"5x5": A Celebration of the Square and Exhibition of Affordable Photography
February 3 - 25, 2017
Preview/Drop Off: Thursday, February 2, 2017, 5:30-8pm
Closing/Pickup Day: Saturday, February 25, 2017, 2-4pm
Drop off your photos during regular business hours:
Thursdays 11-8pm, and Fridays 11-4pm, and Saturdays 11-4pm.


This is an OPEN call to all PRC members, current and new, to submit and show up to 5 of their own original images - per person - on the walls of the PRC. Everything will be for sale for $50 and proceeds will be split 50/50 (half will go to the artist, and half to support the programming at the PRC). The display will grow over the course of the exhibition à la YOUR WORK HERE.  See all of the details and guidelines, including a required form, and a template. We will accept prints starting February 2, via snail mail, or physical drop off during our open hours. Prints must be on paper exactly 5 inches square but the image can be any shape (we wish to have work in a consistent physical format and the PRC, of course, is also known for its square logo).

(to date):
Nancy Ahmadifar, John Bunzick, Sally Chapman, Byron Clemence, Colleen Fitzgerald, Jaine Hayward, tSOfi Inbar, Andrew Janjigian, Lee Kilpatrick, Melissa Rivard, Walter Silver, Rebbeca Skinner, Dennis Stein... YOUR NAME HERE

A FEW LOGISTICS: We will accept prints starting in early January, via drop off Thursdays, Fridays, & Saturdays during regular PRC hours, or UPS mail, until the end of the show on Feb. 25, 2017. Prints must be one 5 x 5 inch paper, but image can be any size on the paper. Please read over and follow the below guidlines to the right carefully. We are hoping to share all images on our Instagram (@prcboston) + on Twitter using the hashtag, #FiveXFivePRC.

NOTE ON PICKUP: Work must hang for the run of the show. You can pick up purchased work during the Closing/Pick Up on Feb.25th, 11-4pm, or after the exhibition closes. Unsold work can either be picked up that day, or after the exhibition closes.

To be fair to all, we have come up with a few guidelines and rules:

  • •You must be a current member of the PRC to participate. Join our growing community on our website.
    •You can display up to 5 images total (1, 2, 3, 4, or 5), but no more than 5.
    •Works must be your own, or if appropriated, sufficiently altered to qualify as your own artwork.
    •Images should be unframed, unmounted, i.e., loose prints.
    •Please do not sign on the front, only the back if you so choose. We will be taping the required form to the back to indenitfy your prints, including title, date, website, Instagram handle, etc.
    •Inkjet prints MUST be sized exactly 5 x 5 inches with image area can be any size on the paper.
    •Please fill out 1 form per piece; if you are showing 5 images, you’ll need 5 forms.
    •The PRC is not responsible for any damage to the work (or yourself).
    •The PRC reserves the right to refuse any image that it deems inappropriate.
    •All work must be for sale and at $50, with proceeds split 50/50, with half going to the artist, half to support PRC programming.
    •Work must hang for the duration of the exhibition.

Please fill out the information and label form. Fill out 1 form per piece; if you are showing 5 images, you'll need 5 forms: http://www.bu.edu/prc/forms/FivebyFive.pdf.

Drop Off Dates:
Drop off your photos during regular business hours, Thursdays 11-8pm, and Fridays 11-4pm, and Saturdays 11-4pm. For more info email info@prcboston.org. Mailed works can be sent, along with required form to the address below.