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Beth Hankes
Unrelenting Silence

Beth Hankes, Segment from Unrelenting Silence, Site specific installaiton, 2012.

Artist Statement
This installation documents what is felt during the arc of passionate experience, that which is only visceral, but still familiar. What begins as something unruly and beautifully consuming turns into disillusion. The connection dissolves—not in an instant, but many—affection segments and shatters, joy recedes, pain surges. After the fallout, looking back, the memories become hazy. Some disappear, but others remain, still blurred but insistent, obsessive, and silent.

Artist Bio
Beth Hankes is a photographer and installation artist working in both film and digital formats. Her work has been exhibited throughout greater Boston and in the Berkshires. She graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2008 with a degree in art history and studio art, is pursuing graduate studies at Harvard University, and now lives in Cambridge, MA.