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Be part of rebuilding and reshaping the re-emerging Photographic Resource Center.

On November 18th we held a volunteers night.
Where we discussed the needs of the PRC and attendees interests, and matched them up.

If you have interest in photography, community, and volunteering and was unable to attend, contact us:
Sign up:
info: Firiends of the PRC on Facebook

PRC Planning and Programming

As we continue to work on our strategic plan, we will continue to provide programming to our members and community. We hope you will join us by attending various events and by renewing your membership with the PRC this fall!

Please email with general questions about programming, membership, and for information on ways to become more involved.




JOIN US on Saturday, January 10, 5 – 7pm

Come celebrate the phenomenal response to the PRC's renewal as well as all of the important contributions at the closing party for Your Work Here 2.0! The walls proudly display nearly 150 artists, and we want each and every one of you to come party HERE for the finale (AND bring a friend!).

The CLOSING PARTY will take place on Saturday, January 10th, from 5-7 pm. Re-connect, re-engage, re-up your membership, and above all, rejoice. #PRCConnects

For those who have contributed work and would like to pick up your photograph before the party, the pick-up dates and times are as follows:

Thursday, December 18, 11-8 pm
Friday, December 19, 11-4 pm
Thursday, January 8, 11-4 pm
Friday, January 9, 11-4 pm

A hearty THANKS to all of the members/artists who participated






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PRC Gallery Hours
This week:
Thur Dec 18: 11-8:00pm

Fri Dec 19: 11am – 4pm

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