RAC Workshop

The Research in American & Comparative (RAC) politics workshop serves as a forum for the presentation of research by faculty and graduate students in American and comparative politics.  For graduate students, RAC is also an opportunity to hear and present practice job talks, dissertation chapters, and conference papers and to learn about professional engagement via formal discussion duties.

Organizers: Dino Christenson & David Glick

RAC will be held at the time, date and location noted below. Papers will be available prior to the presentation on this page by clicking on the topic title below.

Date Time Location Speaker Topic
Oct 3 Noon 312 B Maya Sen & Matthew Blackwell (Harvard) The Political Legacy of American Slavery
Oct 10 Noon PLS 312 B Robert Huckfeldt, UC Davis Disproportional Influence: Experts, Activists, and the Creation of Public Opinion
Oct 24 Noon 312 B Timothy Werner (UT Austin) Blacklisted Benefactors: The Political Contestation of Non-Market Strategy
Nov 14 Noon 312 B Devin Caughey (MIT) Representation without Parties: Reconsidering the One-Party South
TBD Noon 312 B Alisha Holland (Harvard) TBD
Feb 27 Noon 312 B William Mayer (Northeastern) The Presidential Selection Process

RAC welcomes colleagues and students from the greater Boston University academic community at all our workshops. Please join us for the events scheduled above.

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For a list of previous RAC presentations, please visit the RAC Archive.