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Political Science explores the concerns and issues that animate public life. Using both humanistic and scientific approaches, it studies how political communities attempt to reconcile the claims of justice, power, liberty, and authority. Drawing on history, law, economics, psychology, sociology, and philosophy, political science is a broadly based social science that shares the traditional aims of liberal arts education while attempting to come to grips with the major public issues of our time.

Upon graduation, Political Science majors qualify for careers in both the public and private sectors, in local, state, and federal government, in business, education, journalism, international organizations, and practical politics. They also pursue post-graduate study in law and public administration, as well as graduate study in political science.

Undergraduate Studies Director: Professor David Glick
Advanced Programs Director: Professor Dino Christenson
Undergraduate Academic Advisor: Serrie Hamilton

CAS Students may make an appointment with Serrie here. Students outside of CAS should email Serrie to set up an appointment.

Serrie’s open office hours for Fall 2018 are Tuesdays from 2-4pm and Fridays from 10am-12pm.

Undergraduate Programs

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