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PUBLICATIONS: Mark Silverstein

Private Law and Public Purposes: Cases, Comments, & Materials, (Carolina Academic Press, Forthcoming 1997) (with Austin Sarat, Lief H. Carter, Scott Gerber and William G. Weaver)

Judicious Choices: The New Politics of Supreme Court Confirmations (WW Norton & Co., 1994); Updated College Edition with new epilogue, February, 1995

The Politics of Scandal: Power and Process in Liberal Democracies (Holmes and Meier, 1988) (co- editor with Andrei S. Markovits)

Constitutional Faiths: Felix Frankfurter, Hugo Black and the Process of Judicial Decision Making (Cornell University Press, 1984)

” You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Refections on the Ginsburg and Breyer Nominations,” Journal of Law and Politics (with Bill Haltom) (forthcoming)

“Special Interests Produce Dull Court Nominees,” National Law Journal, July 11, 1994, p. A21

“Why Political Scandals Mean Political Health” New York Newsday (Currents Section, April 4, 1993) (with Andrei S. Markovits) reprinted in The National Times, June, 1993, translated into Spanish and Portuguese and reprinted in Vision Magazine, 16 AL 31 de Julio de 1993, p.29.

“The People, the Senate and the Court: The Democratization of the Judicial Confirmation System,” Constitutional Commentary (Winter 1992)

“Politik in Amerika: Das seltsame Jahr des George Bush” Blatter fur deutsche und internationale Politik (October, 1992) (with Aline Kuntz and Andrei Markovits)

“Watergate and the American Political System” in Markovits and Silverstein, The Politics of Scandal….

“Power and Process in Liberal Democracies” with Andrei S. Markvoits in Markovits and Silverstein The Politics of Scandal…. Reprinted and translated into German in Anatomie des politischen Skandals, Rolf Ebbighausen and Sighard Neckel (Suhrkamp, 1989)

“Scandal in the American Political System” in Ebbighausen and Neckel, Anatomie des politischen Skandals (Suhrkamp, 1989)

“Irangate und Gegenwartige Demokratie in Amerika” in Wolf-Dieter Narr and Roland Roth (eds.) Komitee Fur Grundrechte und Demokratie – Sahrbuch ’87 (Fischer, 1988) (with Andrei Markovits)

“The Scholarly Tradition Revisited: Alexander Bickel, Herbert Wechsler and the Legitimacy of Judicial Review” Constitutional Commentary (Winter 1987) (with William Haltom)

“The Supreme Court and the New Politics of Judicial Power” Political Science Quarterly (Fall, 1987) (with Benjamin Ginsberg) reprinted in Kermit Hall (ed.) Equal Justice Under Law, Carlson Publishing co. (forthcoming) and The United States of America Vol. I, Alan Ware (ed.) Dartmouth Publishing Company (England) (forthcoming).

“The Legitimacy Debate and Constitutional Scholarship” Polity (Spring, 1987) (with William Haltom)

Of Law and Limitations: An Intellectual Portrait of Louis Dembitz Brandeis, American Historical Review (October, 1995)

Judicial Process in America, 2ed. Law and Politics Book Review Vol. 5 No. 2 pp. 65-67 (February, 1995)

Felix Frankfurter: Judicial Restraint and Individual Liberties, American Historical Review (February 1993)

Mr. Justice Black and His Critics, American Historical Review (June, 1990)

Suing the Press, Constitutional Commentary (Summer, 1987)

The Constitution: That Delicate Balance, Constitutional Commentary, Summer 1985

Louis D. Brandeis, American Political Science Review, March 1985

When Government Speaks, American Political Science Review, June, 1984

Reviewer for Little, Brown & Co; Houghton-Mifflin Co: Cornell University Press; University of Illinois Press; Harper & Row; W.W. Norton; Duke University Press; MacMillan & Co; St. Martins Press; Prentice Hall; Polity; Princeton University Press; Longman