Joseph Fewsmith


Office: IR 401
Phone: 617.353.6344
Education: Ph.D., MA, University of Chicago; BA, Northwestern University
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Politics, Chinese Domestic and International Politics.

Professor Fewsmith is the author of four books:  China Since Tiananmen:  The Politics of Transition (2001), Elite Politics in Contemporary China (2001), The Dilemmas of Reform in China:  Political Conflict and Economic Debate (1994), and Party, State, and Local Elites in Republican China:  Merchant Organizations and Politics in Shanghai, 1980-1930 (1985).  He is very active in the China field, traveling to China frequently and presenting papers at professional conferences such as the Association for Asian Studies and the American Political Science Association.  His articles have appeared in such journals as Asian Survey, Comparative Studies in Society and History, the China Journal, the China Quarterly, Current History, The Journal of Contemporary China, Problems of Communism, and Modern China.  He is also a research associate of the John King Fairbank Center for East Asian Studies at Harvard University..

Professor Fewsmith regularly teaches the following courses:
The Pacific Challenge (IR 275/PO 365)
China:  From Revolution to Reform (IR 370/PO 369)
Foreign Policy of the People’s Republic of China (IR 577/PO 578)
Problems and Issues of Post-Mao China (IR 585/PO 558)
Seminar on China in the Contemporary World (IR 764)

Additional information:
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