Thomas Berger
Office: IR 303
E-mail: tuberger@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.5351
Specialization: German and Japanese Politics, International Relations and Comparative Government in East Asia, Political Culture

Taylor Boas
Office: PLS 311B
E-mail: tboas@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.4214
Specialization: Comparative Politics, Latin American Politics, methodology

Rosella Cappella
Office: PLS 303
E-mail: cappella@bu.edu
Specialization: International Security; International Political Economy; Political Economy of National Security; War Finance; Organizational Theory; Bureaucratic Capacity; Qualitative Research Methods

Dino Christenson
Office: PLS 208
E-mail: dinopc@bu.edu
Phone: 617.358.6279
Specialization: American electoral behavior, quantitative methods, survey research, public opinion, political communication, political psychology, interest groups, data science

Neta Crawford
Office: PLS 313C
E-mail: crawfor@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.4040
Specialization: International Relations Theory and Security; US Foreign Policy; Economic Sanctions; Humanitarian Intervention; Ethics; and International Organization; South African Foreign and Military Policy; Political Psychology; Critical Theory; Qualitative Research Methods.

Katherine Levine Einstein
Office: PLS 222-223
E-mail: kleinst@bu.edu
Phone: 617.358.6315
Specialization: American politics, public policy, racial and ethnic politics, urban politics and policy

Joseph Fewsmith
Office: IR 401
E-mail: fewsmith@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.6344
Specialization: Comparative Politics, Chinese Domestic and International Politics

David Glick
Office: PLS 203
E-mail: dmglick@bu.edu
Phone: 617.358.4645
Specialization: Public law, Judicial politics, Policy diffusion

Liah Greenfeld
Office: UNI 604
E-mail: lvg@bu.edu
Phone: 617.358.1772
Specialization: Nationalism, Political Sociology, Political Economy, Cultural Foundations of Modern Politics, Ethnic Conflict, Comparative Modern Politics and Society

William Grimes
Office: IR 110
E-mail: wgrimes@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.9420
Specialization: Japanese and East Asian Political Economy, Japanese Politics and International Political Economy

Douglas Kriner
Office: PLS 206
E-mail: dkriner@bu.edu
Phone: 617.358.4643
Specialization: American Politics, Separation of Powers, Domestic Politics and the Use of Force

Timothy P. Longman
Office: CURA, 10 Lenox Street
E-mail: longman@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.9751
Specialization: African politics, religion and politics, human rights, ethnic identity and politics, and gender and politics

Cathie Jo Martin
Office: PLS 311A
E-mail: cjmartin@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.3798
Specialization: Comparative Politics, Political Economy, and Comparative Public Policy

David Mayers, Department Chair
Office: PLS 201
E-mail: dmayers@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.2543
Specialization: International Relations, Diplomatic History, Political Biography

Maxwell Palmer
Office: PLS 221
E-mail: mbpalmer@bu.edu
Specialization: American political institutions, formal theory, Congress and legislatures, corporate governance, redistricting and election law

Sofia Perez
Office: PLS 301
E-mail: sofiap@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.3876
Specialization: Comparative Politics, European Studies, Politics and Business

Spencer Piston
Office: PLS 300
E-mail: spiston@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.2756
Specialization: Public Policy, Race, Public Opinion, Political Behavior, Politics of Inequality

Steven Rosenzweig
Office: PLS 210
E-mail: scrosen@bu.edu
Phone: 617.358.6357
Specialization: Political Economy of Development, Electoral Accountability, Political Violence, African Politics, Experimental Methods, Causal Inference

Christine Rossell
Office: PLS 202
E-mail: crossell@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.2776
Specialization: Public Policy, Public Policy Analysis; American Politics, School Desegregation and Bilingual Education Policy, Education Policy, Urban Politics and Policy, Methodology

Virginia Sapiro
Office: PLS 313
E-mail: vsapiro@bu.edu
Specialization: Political Psychology, Political Behavior and Public Opinion, Gender Politics, Feminist and Democratic Theory, Higher Education

James Schmidt
Office: STH 612
E-mail: jschmidt@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.4020
Specialization: History of Political Thought

Vivien A. Schmidt
Office: IR 201
E-mail: vschmidt@bu.edu
Phone: 617.358.0192
Specialization: European Political Economy, European Integration, European Politics, France

Judith A. Swanson
Office: PLS 311C
E-mail: jswanson@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.2038
Specialization: Political Philosophy

Graham Wilson
Office: PLS 215
E-mail: gkwilson@bu.edu
Phone: 617.353.2540
Specialization: American Politics, Comparative Politics, Business and Government, Interest Groups