The following Ph.D. students are currently on the market:

Name CV Website Dissertation Committee Fields
Hao Chen CV Website Social Welfare Expansion in China: Big Business, Development Zones, and Municipal Politicians Joseph Fewsmith, Cathie Jo Martin, Dino Christenson, Tony Saich Comparative Politics, International Relations, Chinese Politics
Claudia Junghyun Kim CV Website Varieties of Base Contestation: Anti-U.S. Base Protests in South Korea and Japan Thomas Berger, William Grimes, Taylor Boas International Relations, Comparative Politics
June Park CV Website Trade Wars & Currency Conflict: China, Japan, and South Korea’s Responses to U.S. Protectionism, 1971-2013 William W. Grimes, Joseph Fewsmith, Kevin P. Gallagher, and Douglas L. Kriner International Political Economy, East Asia, Trade, Energy
James Simpson Ideational Imperatives, National Identity, and Nuclear Deterrence Theory in East Asia Thomas Berger, Joe Fewsmith, Rosella Cappella Zielinski, David Mayers International Relations