Recent Placements

Recent Ph.D. Graduates in Teaching Positions as Tenure Track Faculty

Paul Barresi – Chair of the Department of Environment, Politics and Society at South New Hampshire University
Stephen Bird – Assistant Professor at Clarkson University
Chien-Kai Chen- Assistant Professor at Rhodes College
Zana Citak – Assistant Professor at Middle East Tech University in Turkey
Kevin Dunn – Assistant Professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Paul Frank – Professor at Sacramento City College
Paul Ewenstein- Adjunct Professor at Northeastern University
Irm Haleem -  Assistant Professor at Seton Hall University
Alexandra Hennessy – Assistant Professor at Seton Hall University
Haco Hoang – Associate Professor and Director of Global Studies at California Lutheran University
Silvia Inclan – Assistant Professor at Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales at the National University, Mexico
Jennifer Jefferis – Assistant Professor at Regent University
Helen Knowles – Visiting  Assistant Professor at Skidmore College
Christopher LaMonica – Assistant Professor at United States Coast Guard Academy
Li Mingjiang – Assistant Professor at S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Angelika Rettberg – Profesora at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Maria Rodrigues – Assistant Professor at Holy Cross College
Sebastian Royo – Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies at Suffolk University
Adam Silver – Assistant Professor at Emmanuel College
Joseph Tsai – Associate Professor at National Chung Cheng University
Petros Vamvakas – Assistant Professor at Emmanuel College
Johannes van Gorp – Assistant Professor at American University of Sharjah
Jose Velasco – Assistant Professor at Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales at the National University, Mexico
Marcela Velasco – Assistant Professor at Colorado State University
Christine Wade – Assistant Professor at Washington College
Bernard Way – Associate Professor at Christendom College
Douglas Yates – Assistant Professor at American University in Paris

Recent Ph.D. Graduates in Non-Tenure Track Positions

Tamim Al Barghouti – Instructor at American University of Cairo
Sergio Costa – Director of Distance Learning by Remote Communication and Scholarship at University of Nebraska Medical Center
Michael Thurman – Instructor at New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Abram Trosky – Lecturer in Ethics and American Government at the United States Coast Guard Academy
Matthew Parks – Instructor at University of New Hampshire part-time and headmaster and teacher at Exeter Classical Christian School

Recent Ph.D. Graduates in Non-University Positions

Julián Arévalo – Advisor to the director of taxes and customs of Colombia on issues of contraband and political corruption
Racha Aribarg – Diplomat/Economics Affair Officer at Thai Embassy
Samira Atallah – Research Director at Lebanese Center for Policy Studies
Michal Baer – Administrative Assistant for JDRF in Austin, Texas
Michal Biletzki- Lead Teacher at the Jewish Community Association in Austin, Texas
Jose Campanella- President and Co-founder of WISPAD
Timothy Docking – Program Officer with the Jennings Randolph Program for International Peace
Paul Frank – Government Relations Representative Kaiser Permanente Health in Sacramento
Jingyan Gao – Policy Implementer for Zhengzhou City in China
Deniz Gungen- Assistant Coordinator at DEIK in Turkey
Peng Guo – Policy Implementer for Zhengzhou City in China
Dagmar Kusa- Faculty and Undergraduate Studies Coordinator at the Bratislava International School of Liberal Arts
Grant Marlier – Analyst for Global Crisis Control International, Inc.
Jolana Mungengova – Political Advisor at ECR Brussels
Juan Ortega – Laboratorio de Conciencia Digital, Mexico
Aparna Pande – Research Fellow at Hudson Institute
Sybil Schlesinger – Director, Mentoring Program at Mazie Foundation
Ashraf El Sherif – teaching at AMIDEAST in Washington, DC
Katsumi Sohma – President of the Japan American Forum at the World Affairs Council
Jonathan Westrup – Senior Management Specialist at Ireland’s Executive Management Centre
Alexander Whalen- Tutor at Inspirica