Hire a BU PhD

The following PhD students are currently on the market:

Name CV Dissertation Title Dissertation Committee Field
Ashraf El Sherif CV Democratization of Islamist Movements in Egypt and Morocco: Political Opportunities, Organizational Frameworks, and the Ideological Marketplace Augustus Richard Norton, Irene L. Gendzier, Dennis Sullivan, Sofia Perez Comparative Politics
Yasser El-Shimy CV Unveiling the Gun: Why Potentially Hegemonic Parties Drive Praetorian Armies to Rule, the Case of Egypt (2011-2013) Dr. Houchang Chehabi, Dr. Augustus Richard Norton, Dr. Tarek Masoud; Chair: Dr. Cathie Jo Martin Comparative Politics/Middle East Politics and International Relations
Matthew Maguire CV Governance Beyond Governments: The Regulation of Corporate Social Responsibility Through Non-Financial Reporting Graham K. WIlson, Dino P. Christenson, Vivien Ann Schmidt, John Gerring Comparative Politics
Grant Marlier CV Expanding the Circle of Protection: The Evolution of Use of Force Norms within the UN Security Council Neta Crawford, Thomas U. Berger, and Timothy Longman International Relations
Brian Smith CV Friends, Natives, and Republicans: Three Essays on John Locke and the Natural Law James Schmidt, Professor of History, Political Science, & Philosophy, Boston University (First Reader), Judith Swanson, Associate Professor of Political Science, Boston University (Second Reader), Aaron Garrett, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Boston University (Third Reader), Gregory Fried, Professor & Chair of Philosophy, Suffolk University (Fourth Reader), Rosella Cappella, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Boston University (Chair) Political Theory
Dennis Sullivan CV Uncivil Wars: Does Kantian Adaptive  Networks Theory
Provide Significant Indication and Warning of Intra-State
Michael Corgan (First Reader), John Gerring (Chair), Kaija Schilde, Eduard Bustin, David Deese (BC) International Relations, Comparative Politics, and Security Studies
Taiyi Sun CV Disasters, Civil Society, and their consequences in China Joseph Fewsmith, William Grimes, John Gerring, Robert Weller, Taylor Boas Comparative Politics, Chinese Politics
Ahmet Tekelioglu CV Negotiations of National and Transnational Belonging among American Muslims: Community, Identity, and Polity Robert W. Hefner, Sofia Perez, Vivien Schmidt, Muchat Bilici Islam in America, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Religion and Politics, Race and Ethnicity
Aberra Tesfay CV The Extent and Impacts of Decentralization Reforms in Ethiopia Timothy Longman (First Reader), Eduard Boustin, James C. McCann, Graham Wilson, Michael Woldemariam International Relations and Comparative Politics
Yurim Yi CV Confrontation and Engagement in Relations Between the DPRK and the United States, 1991-2011 Walter Clemens Jr. (Major advisor), Thomas U. Berger, David Mayers, and Michael Corgan International Relations (Major) and Comparative Politics (Minor) (Conflict Resolution; Negotiation; U.S. Foreign Policy; East Asian Politics)