Undergraduate Core Courses

CAS PO 111 Introduction to American Politics
Core Course. Study of the national political structure; emphasis on Congress, the executive, administrative agencies, and the judiciary. Relations between formal institutions, parties, and interest groups.

CAS PO 141 Introduction to Public Policy
Core Course. Analysis of several issue areas: civil rights, school desegregation, welfare and social policy, education and urban housing, energy and the environment, etc. Characteristics of policy systems in each issue area analyzed to identify factors which may affect the content and implementation of public policies.

CAS PO 151 Introduction to Comparative Politics
Core Course. Examines different patterns of political development and contemporary politics in Western Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the former Soviet bloc. Introduces the comparative method in political science and competing theories of political development and political change.

CAS PO 171 Introduction to International Relations
Core Course. Study of basic factors in international relations, Western state system, balance of power, nationalism, and imperialism. Primarily for concentrators.

CAS PO 191 Introduction to Political Theory
Core Course. Examines classic and current views on the nature of authority, liberty, and justice. Topics include civil disobedience, freedom of expression, abortion rights, and affirmative action.