CAS PO 502 Political Analysis: A Primer
An introduction to the research methods used to make claims about political phenomena. Addresses both qualitative and quantitative approaches, and focuses on applied empirical political science, including data description, research design, significance testing, surveys and experiments. Required for PO Honors Program.

GRS PO 840 Political Analysis
An introduction to the methodology of social science as applied to the study of politics. Includes discussion of core debates in philosophy of science, various approaches to political science, and questions of research design.

GRS PO 841 Quantitative Research
An applied graduate level introduction to probability, descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, and ordinary least squares regression analysis.

GRS PO 843 Advanced Techniques in Political Analysis
Applied course in quantitative empirical analysis using maximum-likelihood estimation for data that are discrete, truncated, or non-normally distributed. Topics include hypothesis testing in binary, multinomial, count and ordered response models.