Public Policy

Students interested in public policy have the option of connecting with a variety of professors who are deeply-involved in the real-world politics of their subject areas. For example, Professor Cathie Joe Martin teaches courses on comparative public policy and has a special interest in vocational training policy. Professor Sofia Perez has written on financial regulation, European monetary integration, social pacts, wage bargaining, welfare states and immigration policy in Europe. Professor Graham Wilson focuses on interest groups (particularly business) and their relationship with government and policymaking. Professor Katherine Levine Einstein studies urban policy, housing policy, and American public policy, and has published multiple scholarly articles and policy reports on these topics. Professor Spencer Piston studies the causes and consequences of public policy in the United States, with particular attention to the politics of racial and economic inequality. Professor Maxwell Palmer studies voting rights, including redistricting and election administration, and the effects of institutions on policy outcomes, including how lobbying regulations shape political careers and how local government commissions affect the housing supply.