The MA Program

The department does not have a regular MA program and does not accept applications for that degree.  Most students interested in the study of political science at the graduate level are admitted to the PhD program. The Graduate Program in Political Science does, however, admit a few students who wish to enroll in the BA/MA program. We also will award an MA to a PhD student who requests it and has completed all the requirements for the PhD except the dissertation.

Please be aware that you must be registered as a student during any semester
during which you complete any degree requirements.

The MA Programs

The BA/MA Program
This program is intended for outstanding students who wish to pursue intensive study in a specialized area of political and social science beyond the level of the BA. Students must apply for admission into this program before November 1 of their junior year.  See the BA/MA page for program requirements and application procedures.

Post-Qualifier Master’s Degree
Post-BA PhD students who have successfully completed all the requirements for a PhD except the dissertation may request that a Master’s degree be granted to validate the work accomplished.  Master’s candidates will be expected to complete the required number of courses and either (a) develop a Capstone project or (b) take the comprehensive exam.