American Politics

American Politics:

BU professors teaching in the American Politics field are particularly noteworthy for their broad-ranging interests, methodological sophistication and pluralism, and relevance to salient current issues.  For example, students might take courses with Professor Doug Kriner, who combines interests in the presidency and foreign affairs.  Professor Doug Kriner’s The Casualty Gap: The Causes and Consequences of American Wartime Inequalities (with Francis Shen) investigates the economic inequalities embedded in the human costs of war. Those students fascinated with interest groups might gravitate to Professor Graham Wilson (also department chair), who has written widely on interest groups, regulatory policy and the relationships between bureaucrats and politicians in advanced democracies.  Professor Dino Christenson uses innovative methods to investigate how money and media shaped outcomes in presidential nomination campaigns.  His additional projects consider the development and effects of interest group networks, and the multifaceted role of political information in campaigns.  Dean Virginia Sapiro has an international reputation in women’s studies and electoral studies, and currently serves as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.  She formerly sat on the National Board of Overseers of the American National Election Studies (NES) the benchmark scholarly survey study of the American electorate, funded by the National Science Foundation.  She is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and was awarded the Outstanding Professional Achievement award from the Women’s Caucus of the Midwest Political Science Association.