Message from the Chair

PO Chair

Welcome to the Political Science department at Boston University. We are an intellectually diverse faculty with teaching and research interests that range from voting behavior in the United States to genocide in Africa. We employ research methods that range from documentary research in archives to the analysis of data through advanced statistical techniques.

The knowledge we gain from our research informs both our writing and our teaching, as we communicate our knowledge to undergraduates and work in our Ph.D. program to train the next generations of university professors. We aim to provide undergraduates with a full range of high courses about politics in the USA, in countries around the world and the relationships between countries that will enable them to be more informed and effective citizens. Our Ph.D. program combines introducing students to the latest research in their fields with solid training in both quantitative and qualitative research methods. A major in political science is an ideal liberal arts education as it combines exposure to a wide variety of modes of reasoning and analysis ranging from philosophical thinking in political theory courses to statistical analysis in American and Comparative politics. Political science majors have gone on to distinguished careers in business, the law and journalism among many other careers.

The Department is a focal point for a larger community of political scientists at Boston University whose primary appointment is in other departments but with whom we cooperate closely.


Graham Wilson
Professor & Chair