PO Grad Student recent co-author

Graduate student Anshul Jain recently co-authored a book with James E. Katz, Director of the BU College of Communication’s Division of Emerging Media Studies, and Michael Barris, a New York-based journalist. The Social Media President: Barack Obama and the Politics of Digital Engagement was published by Palgrave Macmillan in December, 2013. It details how social media affects, for better and worse, citizen engagement and presidential politics in the United States. While many works consider social media dynamics and engagement in political campaigns, The Social Media President is the first to systematically examine the actual practices of social media in presidential administration and in governing a nation. (http://www.thesocialmediapresident.com/).

The authors will be hosting a book launch event at the BU Castle on February 20. (http://eepurl.com/Nlzjz)

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