Policy Governing the Engagement of Professional Services

As the use of professional firms by University units has increased, concerns regarding the quality, cost, and possible duplication of effort suggest the need for greater coordination in the engagement of professional services. The purpose of this policy is to establish a uniform procedure for the engagement of specialized services from professional firms. This policy will ensure consistency and efficiency in the engagement of such firms, and management of the quality and cost of professional services.

Any professional services requested by a school or college, or any request for services related to the University’s academic affairs, must first be approved in writing by the University Provost. Subject to the foregoing, authority and responsibility for the engagement of the professional services listed below is vested in the specified individuals or their designees, and their written approval is required before any such professional services are engaged. Engagement of any professional services not specifically included in the following list requires the approval of the University Provost or the Vice President having responsibility for the administrative unit in question. The University’s Sourcing and Procurement Department is available to serve as a resource in the engagement of professional services. The University will not authorize payment of any fees for professional services unless they have been approved by the appropriate party.

Professional Service Responsible Party
Accounting, audit, and tax advisory services University Comptroller
Architectural and space usage services Senior VP for Operations
Engineering and construction services Senior VP for Operations
Enrollment management services VP for Enrollment and Student Affairs
Banking and other financial services Senior VP, CFO, and Treasurer
Communications, marketing, and lobbying services Senior VP for External Relations
Human resource services VP for Administrative Services
Fundraising services Senior VP for Development and Alumni Relations
Information technology services VP for Information Services and Technology
Insurance services Director of Risk Management
International professional services VP/AP for Global Programs
Legal services VP and General Counsel
Real estate leasing and brokerage services VP for Real Estate and Facility Services