DRAFT Policy Template

A uniform template should be used when developing and drafting University Policies, as this will simplify creation of policies and result in policies that are easier to categorize and understand. Each new University Policy should include the following information:

1. Purpose
States the reason for or the origin of the policy.
2. Covered Parties
Identifies to whom the policy applies.
3. Defined Terms
Lists terms that may have specialized meaning in the policy.
4. University Policy
The policy itself, including relevant implementing procedures and guidelines.
5. Responsible Parties
Identifies and provides contact information for the University office or department responsible for overseeing implementation of and ensuring compliance with the policy.
6. Related Policies and References
Reference to or attachment of related policies or documents, including those of any individual school, college, or other operating unit of the University.
7. History
History of the policy, including effective date, and policies superseded or modified.