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General Electrophoresis and Western Blotting

One of my all-time favorites is the classic book by Hoeffer. Download the pdf

Pierce Blotting Guide. Download the pdf

Reference Books and User Manuals:

2-D Electrophoresis Principles and Methods, 2nd Edition (newest). Download the pdf (1.1 MB)

2-D Electrophoresis Principles and Methods, 1st Edition. Download the pdf (672 K)

Dalt II Gel Apparatus User Manual. Download the pdf (624 K)

IPGphor User Manual. Download the pdf (568 K)

Dalt Precast Gel and Buffer Kit Manual. Download the pdf (2.2 MB)

Immobiline Drystrip Reswelling Tray Manual. Download the pdf (92K)

Calbiochem Detergents Booklet. Download the pdf (584K)

Fluorescence Imaging-Principles and Methods. Download the pdf (15.5 MB)

To make the Amersham Plus-One silver stain kit (17-1150-01) Mass Spec compatible, download the protocol: pdf (4K)


Insert the following step after step 6 in either procedure A or B:  Add 40 µl Co-precipitant on top of the pellet (for larger sample size, add a volume of Co-precipitant that is 3-4x the size of the pellet.)  Carefully reposition the tube in the centrifuge as before (i.e., cap-hinge facing outward).  Centrifuge the tube again for 5 minutes.  Use a pipet tip to remove and discard the Co-precipitant.

Protein Science Resources on the Web:

Angelika Gorgs website for her 2D manual (describes IPG gel pouring) – also stuff on running basic strips and animal tissue preparation (brain etc):

Swissprot can be accessed through the ExPasy website: