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April 23rd, 2013 in General



Information For New Users

December 12th, 2012 in General

As a major component of Boston University’s commitment to world class research, we are pleased to announce the consolidation of the scientific cores under one administrative umbrella. This consolidation will facilitate streamlined account registration, equipment scheduling, usage, and support, and will strive to unify billing for all cores under one invoice. These advantages will help researchers leverage the state-of-the-art instrumentation and expertise available at both the Charles River and Medical Campuses. A two step process has been created to get new and existing facility users registered with and using the facilities

A step-by-step guide

Step 1. All users must have Boston University credentials and must be registered with Active Directory (AD).

Access to the BU Cores Administration, the Cores Equipment Scheduler, and the Cores computers requires Boston University Kerberos credentials (username and password). If you have a BU email account, then you have such credentials. Your account, however, must also be registered with the Active Directory domain. Please run WebNew to assure that your BU account is registered with Active Directory. (If you do not have Boston University Kerberos credentials (that is you are not affiliated with BU) you may still use this system by requesting credentials. Note: WebNew will indicate that it takes 24 hours to update all Active Directory systems. Frequently, however, you will be able to proceed within 15 minutes.)

Step 2. Users of Core equipment must create a profile in the Equipment Scheduling System

Any researcher (technician, post doc, grad student, etc.) that needs to schedule equipment time or services will need to use the Cores Equipment Scheduler (CES). This system requires each researcher to create a user profile. It is during profile creation that users will associate themselves with account numbers provided to them by their PIs. These account numbers are the same numbers (BU account number, BMC PO number, corporate PO number, etc.,) that the PI specified when creating Funding Profiles (see above). Although CES profiles can be created without specifying account numbers, users without account numbers will not be able to make reservations for cores that require payment.

Step 3. Visit the calendar for the equipment you wish to use

By visiting the calendar and clicking the “add an event” + you will automatically send an access request to the administrator.  Once he approves it you are able to book time.  If you also require swipe access to the equipment you need to submit the request via e-mail including your name,BU Id #, piece of equipment you are accessing and when and who trained you.