Data File format for the FV10i

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March 22nd, 2012

To remove your data from the FV10i in native format, navigate to the desktop, click the shortcut to USER- Fluoview Data

Navigate to you Lab, and user name.

Once you reach the location where you saved your data you will see identiocally named enties for both an oif file and a file folder.

You need both of those to successfully read the data.  The OIF file is basically a link and instructions on how to interpret the contents of the identically named file folder.

For example:

xxy_.oif is the oif file and has a very smal size ~15k

xxy_ File folder is a folder which when expanded contains lots of files with the following attributes





s_LUT(channel number).lut




You open the data by directing the .oif file to ImageJ (LOCI enabled) or FV standalone analysis software.