Proteomics and Imaging Core Facility

The Proteomics and Imaging Core Facility is a multi-user core facility that while being part of the Biology Department serves the entire university.  The facility operates primarily as training and supervised usage facility rather than product on demand.   This is an overview of what we have and can do divided into three broad categories, Genomics, Proteomics and Imaging.  While there is a lot of overlap, it seems that this is the easiest way to subdivide.  All of our equipment requires initial training and where applicable is scheduled through the university core scheduling system.  Links to the scheduler and rates can be found on the instrument pages.

Click here for information on getting set up on the scheduler


We have four rigs for Confocal Microscopy, a Transmission Electron Microscope, fluoresecent scanner, multi-mode fluorescent plate reader, slide scanner, and a BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer.


Our genomics instruments consist of real-time pcr cyclers, and a GenePix array scanner.