Proteomics and Imaging Core Facility

The Proteomics and Imaging Core Facility is a multi-user core facility that while being part of the Biology Department serves the entire university.  The facility operates primarily as training and supervised usage facility rather than a product on demand facility.    All of our equipment requires initial training and where applicable is scheduled through the university core scheduling system.  Links to the schedule and rates can be found on the instrument pages.

The general rules for all core use

There are a few rules that apply to all of the equipment and facilities.  Failure to follow the rules may result in the suspension of access.

  • All use must be recorded online, at the instrument with use logs or both where applicable.
    • Even if there are no direct charges associated with use, you MUST accurately record your usage.
  • Improper use of equipment can result in damage charges and prohibition from future use.
  • Do not use another’s ID for access. Any trained user can be granted access and everyone should use their own ID to access the facilities.
  • Report any problems, difficulties, concerns or issues with as much detail as you can provide to Todd ( as soon as possible.
  • Please return the space to the way you found it, push in any chairs that were used, turn off lights, shut down systems where appropriate, etc.
  •  If you find a system in an inoperable (suboptimal condition) upon arrival notify core staff as soon as possible.
  • No one is to use any core equipment without prior training or consent of staff.

If you have questions about the core scheduler application, see information for new users.

Otherwise, navigate to the specific equipment page for links to the on-line schedule for that equipment. Links to the equipment pages are below

  • Imaging systems:
    • We have multiple Confocal Microscopy systems, a  wide-field fluorescent microscope with high-resolution color or high sensitivity fluorescent cameras, fluorescent scanner, multi-mode fluorescent plate reader, slide scanner, and a BD FACSCalibur flow cytometer that is analysis only (no sorting).
    • Aseptic Cell Sorter: There is now a Sony SH800 Cell Sorter on the CRC.  Currently, use is only by staff operation.  Contact Todd to discuss the project and schedule time.
  • Equipment:
    • other equipment that is useful in the preparation of samples.  This page has links for the scheduling of microtomes and other specimen prep equipment. Protocols, SOPS, and manuals can also be found here.  Note you will need to be connected to the BU network to download these in-house references.
  • Genomics:
    • Our genomics instruments consist of twin  384 well real-time PCR thermocyclers.
  • Proteomics is no longer a core flow and does not currently have scheduled equipment.  Feel free to consult our proteomics resource information and contact us to discuss any question or needs.