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Phylogeny of Sleep
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Non-sleep variables

Examples of Variables to be included in Comparative Database
Ecological & Life History Variables Brain related variables
English name of species Adult Brain weight
Binomial nomenclature Neonate brain weight
Dietary classification Brain advancement at birth
Geographical region Total brain volume
Altricial vs. Precocial Cerebellum volume
Adult body weight by sex Diencephelon volume
Basal metabolic weight Telencephalon volume
Life span Septum volume
Gestation period Striatum volume
Predation index Hippocampus volume
Exposure index Neocortex volume
Maternal body weight Thalamus volume
Time of peak milk lactation Hypothalamus volume
Peak daily yield of milk Area striate (visual cortex) volume
Milk energy output Amygdala volume
Energy output/maternal metabolic mass Corpus collosum volume
Weight of individual young Parasite risk
Average litter size Parasite species richness
Lactation stage (days after birth) Mean prevalence of common parasites
% of fat in milk at peak lactation Leukocyte counts
% of protein in milk at peak lactation Intensity of infection
% of sugar in milk at peak lactation Body temperature
% of ash in milk at peak lactation  
% of dry matter in milk at peak lactation  
Combined testes weight  
Relative testes size (to body weight)  
Breeding system  
% litters with multiple paternity  
% of normal sperm in ejaculate  
% of motile sperm in ejaculate  
Sperm length  
Coefficient of variant of sperm length  
Play behaviors  
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Phylogeny of Sleep | February 13, 2009

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