BUworks: Terrier Marketplace Catalog Ordering- Hands-on Lab

Course type: Hands-on
Course level: Introductory
Expected duration: 1 hour
Description: Participants will be shown how to set defaults as well as create a catalog order.
Target Audience: (1) employees who are reasonably new to the University or to their business role; (2) department administrators charged with ordering goods or services for their department.


  •     Confirmation from employee’s manager that this course is appropriate to employee’s business role.
  •     At least minimal experience using SAP in their current business role(s). It is not necessary to have created shopping carts.

    Confirm that you have access to shopping carts:

  •     Go to BUworks Central, click on Procurement, then Place and Manage Orders, and then Shopping Cart.

  •     If the shopping cart was not displayed please work with your manager and Data Security Administrator (DSA) to secure the permissions necessary to allow you to create shopping carts.
John Babbitt, Sourcing & Procurement
Thursday, September 5, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Medical Campus - Instructional Building room L1105 (72 East Concord)