BUworks: Terrier Marketplace Catalog Ordering- Webinar

Course type: Webinar
Course level: Introductory
Expected duration: 1 hour
Description: Participants will be shown how to set defaults as well as create a catalog order.
Target Audience: (1) employees who are reasonably new to the University or to their business role; (2) department administrators charged with ordering goods or services for their department.


  • Confirmation from employee’s manager that this course is appropriate to employee’s business role.
  • At least minimal experience using SAP in their current business role(s). It is not necessary to have created shopping carts.

    Confirm that you have access to shopping carts:

  • Go to BUworks Central, click on Procurement, then Place and Manage Orders, and then Shopping Cart.
  • If the shopping cart was not displayed please work with your manager and Data Security Administrator (DSA) to secure the permissions necessary to allow you to create shopping carts.

A link to the WebEx will be emailed out to participants one day prior to the training.

John Babbitt, Sourcing & Procurement
Wednesday, September 18, 2013 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM
Charles River Campus - Webinar