Institute of Spinal Cord Injury

This site was recommended by a male family member of an SCI patient. The site focuses on new developments in SCI research and features a database in five [5] languages of SCI information gathered from around the world. It is relevant to all levels of SCI including the newly injured. The institute is new and is hindered due to lack of funding.

In the upper left corner of the home page there is a red box with links to About Us, You can help, and their Press Kit in six languages including English. In the center of the page there are symbol links to About Us, International Database on SCI and also You can help.

There is also a link to their Facebook page.

SCI Team Review

The Team Says

Database in 5 languages. Information gathered from all over the world


New development in SCI.


Still young and has little money

Level of Injury


Is it good for the newly injured?


Recommended Features and Links

ISCI is also on Something I did not have when my father had the accident!

User Reviews

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