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Recommended by a female consumer and Occupational Therapist at Life Center at RIC.

A thorough site which is good for all levels of SCI and general disability. It covers the basics as well as specific topics ranging from Autonomic Dysreflexia and spasticity as well as other medical issues to home modifications, financial resources, caregivers, recreation, Also listed are community and national organizations related to SCI care and research.

On the home page you choose a Health Care Topic from the list on the right side, then a page of links related to that topic is presented. After selecting a particular link the information can be filtered by Health Condition such as SCI, Age and Gender which gets you sites more relevant to them.

Information is available in a variety of formats such as information-videos, website links and fact sheets. It has a ‘’search’’ feature in the upper right corner of every page, and lets you choose ‘’printer friendly’’ formatting to print whatever resource you are viewing.

SCI Team Review

The Team Says

Provides information on aspects of SCI related to medical issues, home modifications, financial resources, caregivers,recreation, sexuality and many other topics...There are various formats to information-videos, websites, fact sheets, community /national organizations.


"one stop shopping" for many areas of SCI, as well as general disability. You can just type in "spinal cord injury" in the search area to get this information once you go to the site


It may be a little overwhelming when you first get to the home page, as there is so much information available on SCI

Level of Injury

Applies to all levels of injury

Is it good for the newly injured?

Yes-explains common medical issues related to Autonomic Dysreflexia and Spasticity, as well as national organizations related to SCI care and research

Recommended Features and Links

written in more "layman's terms" and has many helpful links within the sites-also can use "printer friendly" and "larger font" features when printing out. All aspects are reviewed by SCI Team.

User Reviews

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