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Best of the Best Site for Online Communication:
This website combines an active online community of individuals with spinal cord injury with informative medical and scientific research done by Dr. Wise Young, a renowned authority in the field of SCI. Dr. Young often contributes to and/or moderates online discussion. You can access his articles here: Articles by Dr. Wise Young.

There are over 70 forums on the site and you can switch the subjects by scrolling to the bottom of the page and choosing your interest from the Forum Jump drop down menu. Some of the Forums include:

One important caution is that although the administrators and moderators of CareCure Forums will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, there still may be content that is offensive to some. However, for the site’s many users, this is far outweighed by the advantages of online communication with people with sustained injuries like them: “The nice thing about the internet is that all of us SCI victims are just an email away.”

SCI Team Review


“In general, I love the CareCure Forum, I could spend hours on it.”

“I think this site is great and well worth the navigation headaches.”

“Very good, gives people hope and up to date information instead of the 20 year old text book uselessness that every other site has.”

“The research articles and forums are good for someone like me who's been disabled for 13 years and wants to further educate myself about SCI.”


“I'm not too thrilled about the aesthetics...”

Is it good for the newly injured?

“This site is especially good for the newly injured because they are dealing with so many different issues already, it’s hard to make sure you’re getting all the information. It’s good, both for the patient and also their family”

User Reviews

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