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Zagano, Phyllis From missionary to martyr. September 11, 1998
Zhang, Yuqing One less risk factor for breast cancer. January 22, 1999
The hand bone's connected to the . . . January 19, 2001
Zhang, Lingang A new twist on a powerful theme. March 9, 2001
Zhang, Xin Heart on a chip. September 13, 2002
Zhang, Yuqing Predicting prostate problems. March 14, 2003
Zhang, Lingang Punctuating the genome. December 3, 2004
Zhang, Xiaoyang The cruelest season. January 28, 2005
Zhang, Xiaoquian Repeating problems. March 25, 2005
Zhdanova, Irina Sleepytime tea? March 11, 2005
Zheng, Hongwu Putting on the brakes. April 26, 2002
Zhou, Liming The endless summer? September 7, 2001
Zhou, Yi Fine-tuning. April 15, 2005
Zimmerman, Libby Guiding child care in a safer direction. November 14, 1997

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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