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Wachowiak, Matt Lighting up the nervous system. April 23, 2004
Wagenaar, Robert Rhythmic Rx. March 29, 2002
Wang, Xiaobin Caution, baby on board. January 18, 2002
Watanabe, Takeo Hidden Persuaders. October 26, 2001
Hidden Persuaders, revisited. March 28, 2003
Watanabe, Takeo Secrets of subliminal messaging. June 3, 2005
Waters, Gloria Dogs and cats and mice, oh my. October 25, 2002
Watts, Stephanie The U.S. Army as management guru? November 14, 1997
Watts Sussman, Stephanie Bad news? Say it with a keyboard. July 16, 1999
Waxman, David Strategic warfare in the battle against cancer. April 20, 2001
Weil, David Net smarts. September 17, 1999
Weng, Zhiping Too close for comfort? February 23, 2001
Weng, Zhiping Beyond genes. October 17, 2003
Westen, Drew Personalities on the borderline. April 28, 2000
Wewiorski, Nancy Healing alternatives. April 11, 2003
White, Merry The Ice Cream Road. March 8, 2002
White, Roberta F. War spoils. March 28, 2003
Whitehead, Timothy Heartsick? April 27, 2001
Wilkinson-Ryan, Tess Personalities on the borderline. April 28, 2000
Wilson, Jody Tail(s) of a Comet. September 5, 1997
Wiseman, James Breaking new ground in Spain. January 29, 1999
Wolf, Philip Eating your Bs. February 22, 2002
Wolfe, Michael Easy-to-stomach ulcer test now available. September 19, 1997
Wolfe, Michael Over the counter. October 1, 2004
Wong, Joyce Contact. August 1, 2001
Woodcock, Curtis Mapping cities. January 16, 2004
Wright, Sean Animal memories. September 17, 2004
Wyszynski, Diego Babies and AEDs. September 17, 2004

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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19 May 2003
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