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Unlu, Selim Getting into the fast(er) lane. October 9, 1998
Building a better MRI. July 2, 1999
Dirty detectives. December 15, 2000
Take a deep breath. March 16, 2001
Unlu, Selim Lighting the way. April 6, 2001
Unlu, Selim In focus. October 12, 2001
Ennobling gas. April 5, 2002
Looking closely. May 16, 2002
Looking closely. May 31, 2002
Urbanc, Brigita Keeping it straight. January 14, 2005

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

"Research Briefs" is written by Joan Schwartz in the Office of the Provost. To read more about BU research, visit


19 May 2003
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