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Tanriverdi, Huseyin Doctor, it hurts where I'm clicking. April 17, 1998
Taveras, Elsie M. Study examines Latino health beliefs. July 2, 1999
Teich, Malvin Scientists discover the rhythm of life -- and it's fractal. August 29, 1997
Teich, Malvin Healthier hearts through mathematics. February 27, 1998
Teich, Malvin Spooky vision. December 7, 2001
Quantum leap. September 5, 2003
Teich, Malvin Ultrasecure. September 24, 2004
Tennstedt, Sharon Balancing act. January 23, 1998
Thea, Donald M. AIDS business. February 14, 2003
Tickle-Degnen, Linda Contagious emotions. October 29, 1999
Tien, Joe Abracadabra. March 29, 2002
Tien, Joe Measuring with microneedles. February 7, 2003
Tolan, Dean Finding the needle in the haystack. March 23, 2001
Traish, Abdulmaged No longer taboo. October 20, 2000
Traniello, James The benefits of being a termite in a crowd. September 25, 1998
Tucker, Carole Making strides in motion analysis. March 26, 1999
Tullius, Tom Protein efficiency. September 15, 2000
Radical research. May 16, 2003

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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19 May 2003
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