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Raj, Anita Insecure. September 24, 2004
Ramachandran, Vasan Trim the fat! October 4, 2002
Redjdal, Makhlouf Miniaturized magnetometers. February 18, 2005
Restuccia, Joseph If you build it will they come? April 16, 2004
Rivers, Caryl Neverland: the dark side. March 22, 2002
Roberts, Lee Parallel universe? January 23, 2004
Rogers, Gary Late-stage melanoma patients have most expenses for treatment. August 7, 1998
Rogers, Adrianne Tea time. August 1, 2001
Rose-Jacobs, Ruth Crack babies? Another look. October 25, 2002
Rosen, Sydney AIDS business. February 14, 2003
Rosene, Doug Keeping it straight. January 14, 2005
Rosengaus, Rebeca The benefits of being a termite in a crowd. September 25, 1998
Rosenthal, Gil Sword play. March 26, 2004
Rossell, Christine Teaching English. March 22, 2002
Roy, Ronald Hot new medical technology. April 2, 1999
Tiny bubbles. March 17, 2000
Russell, Pamela Breaking new ground in Spain. January 29, 1999
Russinova, Zlatka Healing alternatives. April 11, 2003
Russinova, Zlatka Working it out. January 23, 2004

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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19 May 2003
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