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Paine, Lisa State regulation and reimbursement policies and the certified nurse-midwife. August 7, 1998
Pal, Uday Tantalizing discovery. October 11, 2002
Palfai, Tibor (Not) thinking about drinking. October 2, 1998
Palmer, Julie Unraveling breast cancer connections. April 9, 2004
Pan, Shuheng A physicist of the floating world. April 21, 2000
Deconstructing superconductors. September 21, 2001
Panek, James It's done with mirrors. December 7, 2001
Paris, Ruth Mothering matters. January 28, 2005
Park, Hee-Young Heat heals. February 15, 2002
Patt, Anthony Yielding results. November 30, 2001
Pavlik, Ann E. Standing up is no easy feat. January 16, 1998
Peköz, Erol If you build it will they come? April 16, 2004
Pelton, Stephen Antibiotics overused due to parents' request and difficulty of diagnosis. February 26, 1999
Pepper, Lewis Downsizing may be bad for your health. November 3, 2000
Pepper, Lewis Spring fever and summer travel. April 29, 2005
Perls, Thomas Old but healthy. April 15, 2005
Perna, Frank Healing Exercise. April 23, 2004
Phillips, Nathan Temperature's rising. June 29, 2001
Phillips, Tania Heat heals. February 15, 2002
Pierou, Vasiliki The business of academic research. August 13, 1999
Pincus, Donna Easing separation. September 20, 2002
Plant, Geoff A better evaluation of speech for the hearing-impaired. July 17, 1998
Pober, Richard Building Better Bridgework. December 1, 2000
Poindexter, Cynthia HIV and the elderly. March 31, 2000
Pomeroy, Oliver Promising new treatment for uterine fibroids. October 22, 1999
Porco, John Fiddling with fungi to fight cancer. November 23, 2001
Portegies Zwart, Simon Holy quantum singularities! November 5, 1999
Post, James Hard facts about soft money. January 16, 1998
Greed isn't good. September 29, 2000
Primack, Richard Why does the bumblebee cross the road? August 29, 1997
Conservation conversations. March 26, 1999
Primack, Richard The cruelest season. January 28, 2005
Proctor, Susan War spoils. March 28, 2003

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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19 May 2003
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