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La Nave, Emilia Itís cool ó super-cool. September 1, 2000
Lang, Kevin Effects of the minimum wage hike. October 3, 1997
Lash, Timothy Girls at risk. November 10, 2000
Lash, Timothy The silver lining. April 8, 2005
Law, Robert Ray bans. December 4, 1998
Lazar, Harold Drug may decrease complications following heart surgery. April 17, 1998
Lazar, Harold Shifting costs. May 11, 2001
Leadbetter, Elizabeth Friendly fire. April 19, 2002
LeBrasseur, Nathan Heavy lifting. April 26, 2002
LeClair, Daniel Public safety? January 10, 2003
Lee, Susan H. Feeding the family. October 15, 2004
Lerman, Robert New treatment for obesity patients. May 14, 1999
Lewis, Adam Icy adventures. April 6, 2001
Leyfer, Dmitriy Finding the needle in the haystack. March 23, 2001
Li, Guang-Zhi Deadly duo. January 17, 2003
Liederman, Jacqueline Digging into dyslexia. August 30, 2002
Litovsky, Ruth Did you hear that? October 27, 2000
Lo, Chung-Chuan Catnapping. January 14, 2005
Lopez, Russell Urban environmental impact. October 24, 2003
Lorenz, David Engineering better medicine. October 3, 2003
Loscalzo, Joseph Exploring hypertension in seriously at-risk Americans. April 23, 1999
Lowen, Steven B. Scientists discover the rhythm of life -- and it's fractal. August 29, 1997
Ludwig, Karl Of form and function. January 9, 2004
Lund, Robert T. Better than recycling. September 26, 2003
Lundgren-Gaveras, Lena Slowing the spread of HIV. September 29, 2000
Lutchen, Kenneth When it comes to ventilators, the "noisier" the better. June 26, 1998
Lutchen, Kenneth Muscling in on asthma. May 11, 2001
Lyons, Michael Divorce genes? October 19, 2001
Lyons, Kathleen Doyle Balance of power. February 21, 2003

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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19 May 2003
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