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Haley, Stephen A better assessment of mainstreamed schoolchildren. April 24, 1998
Haley, Stephen Environmental impact. October 29, 2004
Hall, Douglas T. Help Wanted: CEO. September 5, 1997
Hall, Douglas The new protean career contract. February 13, 1998
Hall, Tim Stepping up to the plate. November 12, 1999
Hansen, Ulla Apoptosis: a matter of life and death. August 31, 2001
Harding, Courtenay Humanizing mental illness. December 10, 2004
Harris, Catherine Lost in translation. February 6, 2004
Hasselmo, Michael Watching memory work. November 22, 2002
Hasselmo, Michael Thanks for the memory. February 27, 2004
Hatoum, Ida Jodette Build monster biceps? March 18, 2005
Hauser, William Better than recycling. September 26, 2003
Hayes-Gehrke, Melissa A broader view. December 12, 2003
Heeren, Timothy At risk. October 6, 2000
Heeren, Timothy Building healthy structures. December 3, 2004
Heintz, Ulrich The nature of nature. October 22, 1999
Henderson, John The U.S. Army as management guru? November 14, 1997
Henry, Alexis When parents have problems. December 14, 2001
Hingson, Ralph At risk. October 6, 2000
Hingson, Ralph Dangerous illusions. October 24, 2003
Hoffman, Andrew Return to Love Canal. September 18, 1998
It is easy being green. April 14, 2000
Holick, Michael D. Ultraviolet B light reduces mild hypertension. October 2, 1998
Take ten minutes of sunshine. August 31, 2001
Preserving self-image. September 28, 2001
Holick, Michael F. Starving for sunshine. October 17, 2003
Hollenbeck, George Stepping up to the plate. November 12, 1999
Holmes, Elizabeth Cultural economics and India's changing caste system. April 16, 1999
Holmes, Jason Underwater ears. June 3, 2005
Holt, Glynn Hot new medical technology. April 2, 1999
Holt, Ken Springing into motion. October 18, 2002
Homer, Steven Leaping tall buildings in a single bound. February 6, 2004
Hong, Mi New for the nanotechnology toolbox. December 8, 2000
Hong, Harrison A clearer picture. April 19, 2002
Hood, Maggie Weighing-in on food choices. October 6, 2000
Howland, Jonathan Balancing act. January 23, 1998
Howland, Jonathan At risk. October 6, 2000
Hull, Anna Growing things. January 24, 2003
Hunter, David Dangerous dexterity. December 12, 2003
Hursh, Norman Teaching the teachers. February 13, 1998
Making a living. October 4, 2002
Hutchinson, Dori The road to wellness. January 28, 2000
Hynes, H. Patricia Urban environmental impact. October 24, 2003
Hynes, Patricia It takes your breath away. February 13, 2004

*Only faculty members that have appeared in Research Briefs are listed above.

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19 May 2003
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